About Me

My name is Mircea Rebengiuc. I am an 8th grader. I study programming and I also take part in competitive programming contests (see awards). My hobbies range from ping pong, cubing and spending hours on a website just because the old version looks dumb now.

My skills


I consider learning C to be very important because it was used for UNIX (the first operating system and 'ancestor' of one of today's best operating sistems, GNU/LINUX). It's combination of simplicity and power makes it ideal for both beginners and andvanced developers. I started learning C in 4th grade. I was taught by Cristian Francu, an amazing teacher without which i coudn't have been able to do this mutch


I started learning Python by myself in 3rd grade. Learning Python was very easy. Though it is lacking in some areas (especially speed) it is great in aplications such as data science, AI and statistics. Also because of it's general lack of overhead (speaking in terms of implementation speed) it is great for quick scripts where languages like bash and awk just don't do the job.


I started learning the basic web languadges (HTML, CSS and JS) when I was 4th grade. I wanted to have my own website and decided to try out learning these languages. Though I don't work with newer technologies (JS frameworks) I am usually able to end up with what I wanted in the end. (and if I can't there's nothing stackoverflow can't solve)


Let's be clear: the only advantage of PHP over Node is that you can find easy free hosting. This languadge is a mess (If you don't believe me just wait until you find out that somehow "0" == NULL). It's syntax is pure garbage and it's slow. Now I wonder why I learned this useless time-consuming piece of shit.


Let's be clear: the only advantage of PHP over Node is that Heroku, the only free Node hosting service I could find doesn't believe in files and is a pain to start up. Like JS (beacause that's what it is), Node.js has a normal syntax, built-in asyncronous programming, and it's fast(-ish, but PHP is still slower). If you want to do anything on the web use Node.js (#not sponsored)


Though it is widely used to this day SQL, like PHP, has earned a reputation of being something in a bank that they didn't bother to change since 1970 (because if it ain't broke, don't fix it). The de-facto implementation of SQL is, of course, MySQL MariaDB but new ones such as PostgreSQL and MongoDB are quickly gaining traction. Unlike PHP you don't have that many alternatives so yeah, better learn it if you want that job.



  • 1st place at the admision exam for the CNITV (National "Tudor Vianu" College of Informatics)


  • Bronze medal at the National Olympiad of Informatics (11th place)


  • 1st place at Empowersoft (an online programming competition, similar to the olympiad)
  • 1st place at Cristian Francu's flood-wars competition


  • 1st place at Empowersoft (again, but this time they gave me a drone)
  • Gold medal at the National Olimpiad of Informatics (8th place)
  • Got into the national team for international competitions
  • Silver medals at all three categories of MGSC (2nd place in Romania at the Physics category)